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| Kate Luke

Learning Through Music

For Universal Music Day on the 10th October, Jaques of London is going to explore the magical world of music for kids! Music is treasure trove of learning opportunities, one with bundles of benefits. In this blog we are going to delve into how early exposure to music can set a tone for life.

Toy of the Week - Week 2

It’s just over 11 Weeks ‘til Christmas—if you can believe it! In the run-up to the Festive Season, Jaques will be announcing a Top Toy every week giving you lots of tips and tricks about the benefits the toy has on your kids’ development!  

| Amber Gravenell

Family Fun with Indoor Games This Autumn

Autumn is officially here! The leaves are turning to beautiful shades of orange and red. The nights are drawing in. The weather is losing humidity. Boots are coming out of wardrobes and preparations for pumpkin picking are in place. With the majority of traditional autumn events, such as Trick or Treat, Halloween Parties and Bonfire Night gatherings, being cancelled we decided to share with you our top games for family fun indoors this autumn.  So, gather some treats, your family...

| Kate Luke

Family Games for Garden Social Distancing

If you are planning some family frivolities, why not grab one of our great family games and make the day even more memorable. These top five games will serve you well, and here’s why: Giant Jenga tower Bond while you build—this Giant Jenga set has it all. Your family can easily transport the game in the canvas carry bag to any family event including weddings, parties, and picnics. Take turns piling them up and watch as they tumble back down,...

| Kate Luke

Celebrating Wooden Toys for Recycling Week 2020

Now in its 17th year, Recycling Week – organised by WRAP – aims to remind us of the importance of recycling.  Not only do Jaques believe that wooden traditional children’s toys are wonderful, but our traditional and vintage toys are delivered hand wrapped in paper, with cardboard packaging for this very reason—every single one of them has been designed with the next generation in mind.

| Amber Gravenell

How To Create A Beautiful Play House for Kids

Our guest blogger, Ashley Quinn, wrote us a lovely article explaining how she transformed an old Wendy House into a beautiful play house for her kids. We are firm advocates of the benefits of outdoor play!

| Amber Gravenell

Our Top Picks for 4 5 6 Year Olds

At Jaques of London, we have made it our mission to design toys and games that are packed full of educational and developmental benefits for children. Learning through play is beneficial for kids as it is fun, engaging and has a host of opportunities for development and growth. Our range of toys contains numerous benefits ranging from developing fine motor skills to learning to spell common words. Read on to see our top 5 picks for 4, 5, 6 year...

| Amber Gravenell

Top 5 Toddler Toys

In this blog, you will find our top 5 toddler toys! We discuss our toys for kids, explaining benefits they have on childhood development - this blog will be focused on toys for toddlers and toys for 3 year olds.

| Amber Gravenell

The Important Facts That You Should Know About The Anti Screen Revolution.

What is the Anti Screen Revolution?   The Anti Screen Revolution is our campaign for more real play, and less time spent on screens. We believe that real play is packed full of benefits for childhood development and too much time spent on screens could mean your kids are missing out on these benefits.  We definitely do not think that screens are bad or that kids should never spend time on devices with a screen, such as iPads and mobile...

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