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| Amber Gravenell

Bonfire Night 2020 Style by Stephanie Jones

Guest blogger Stephanie Jones shares with us some tasty, and healthy, bonfire night recipes and some tips and tricks for enjoying bonfire night 2020 style. Read this blog to get some ideas for your lockdown style fireworks night.

| Amber Gravenell

Chocolate Solitaire with Jaques of London and Aurosó Chocolate

Love chocolate? Love a game of solitaire? Then this blog is for you! We teamed up with the lovely Aurosó Chocolate to bring you the classy game of chocolate solitaire. The perfect Christmas game for adults and teenagers!

| Amber Gravenell

Pick A Pumpkin

If somebody asked you what the most popular Halloween decorations are, you would probably include pumpkins near the top of the list! A carved pumpkin with a candle flickering inside is the quintessential Halloween accessory. Halloween might be a little different this year but we believe you should still dig out your costumes and celebrate indoors with your family. 

| Amber Gravenell

Halloween Potions Activities

It is only 10 days until the most scary night of the year! With traditional trick or treat taking more of a backseat this year, enjoy this spooky season in the comfort of your homes with our at home Halloween activities! Alongside engaging in traditional family board games with a tonne of sweets, you can still showcase your best Halloween costumes and take part in a variety of spooky kid-friendly ideas! 

Toy of the Week - Week 2

It’s just over 11 Weeks ‘til Christmas—if you can believe it! In the run-up to the Festive Season, Jaques will be announcing a Top Toy every week giving you lots of tips and tricks about the benefits the toy has on your kids’ development!  

| Amber Gravenell

Family Fun with Indoor Games This Autumn

Autumn is officially here! The leaves are turning to beautiful shades of orange and red. The nights are drawing in. The weather is losing humidity. Boots are coming out of wardrobes and preparations for pumpkin picking are in place. With the majority of traditional autumn events, such as Trick or Treat, Halloween Parties and Bonfire Night gatherings, being cancelled we decided to share with you our top games for family fun indoors this autumn.  So, gather some treats, your family...

| Amber Gravenell

National Badger Day 2020

Here at Jaques of London, we LOVE the planet and care about our impact on the environment. This blog is a celebration of National Badger Day 2020 as well as discussing our responsibility towards nature and the environment.

| Amber Gravenell

ADHD Awareness Month 2020

October is ADHD Awareness Month 2020. The aim is to raise awareness around ADHD and remove negative perceptions of the condition. We discuss how ADHD is not a barrier to success and should be celebrated.

| Amber Gravenell

FREE Arts and Crafts Activities to Celebrate Grandparents Day 2020

Grandparents have a huge influence on the lives of our little ones! With more Grandparents than ever helping parents out with childcare, we feel it is important that Grandparents get the recognition they deserve. Grandparents Day 2020 is Sunday 4th October 2020, so why not get your kids to make them a homemade gift!?