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| Mark James

What Wood is Safe for Children's Toys?

When buying toys for children, there are many factors to consider. So, join Jaques of London, as we look at the different types of woods used by toymakers and ask our wooden whizzes, what wood is safe for children’s toys? Earth Day 2021 Giveaway inside...

| Mark James

What Age is a 200 Piece Puzzle For?

From the earliest stages, we are all taught to stack, sort, build and craft our way through a foundation course of toddler teaching. Join Jaques of London, as we ask, What Age is a 200 Piece Puzzle For?

| Mark James

What is a Good Age to Start Chess?

Every chess champion has had to encounter their first rallying of rooks and pass the checkmate challenge. From Howard Staunton to Bobby Fischer, all masters of the king of games began with humble foundations

| Mark James

What are the Best Blocks for Toddlers?

The best building blocks should stand on solid ground. At Jaques, we believe that learning and play come together to create the perfect foundations for a brighter future. So, let's take an architectural overview of what are the best blocks for toddlers.

| Mark James

Are Reward Charts a Good Idea?

Let’s set our children on an angelic course towards the best behaviour, with plenty of smiles for company. Join Jaques, as we ask the question, are reward charts a good idea? Read our blog for more.

| Mark James

What Are Some Fun Educational Games?

Fun and learning are made for each other, and at Jaques of London, we believe that the most rewarding educational experiences come through getting our kids actively engaged in all that they do. Read our blog to discover more.

| Mark James

How To Encourage Cooperative Play

Encouraging cooperative play in children can play an essential role in developing their ability to communicate effectively with the world around them. Through group play, our tiny teamsters will learn invaluable lessons in sharing, competition and teamwork

| Mark James

The Best in Online Child Education for Mini Minds

Whether mathematically motivated or lured by language, keep reading to discover how to make the most of your child's screen time and become a headteacher of your own household. Placed on home-schooling duty, or looking to shake up playtime, Mini Minds, prepare to be marvelled.

| Faith Scanlon

World Storytelling Day Competition

World Storytelling Day gets all the creative juices flowing. We are holding an exclusive Jaques of London World Storytelling Day Competition to help inspire them along the way! Take a look at the imaginative toy bundle we are giving away to the best storyteller! 

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