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| Kate Luke

Sustainable Christmas Crafts for Kids

Here are 5 Fab Recycled Crafts for after Christmas If you are looking for a fun way to repurpose Christmas packaging and leftovers, look no further. This blog will give you 5 fab waste-free arts and crafts ideas for your little ones to enjoy. Try these sustainable Christmas crafts!

| Kate Luke

Jaques 225th - Paint like Picasso

This week's blog is all about painting, self-expression & Picasso! To celebrate this amazing artist and year in our history, we’d like to encourage your little ones to pick up a brush and be bold. Messy play is so beneficial for your kids—the more tactile their play can be, the more they benefit.

| Kate Luke

Jaques 225th - Lettuce Celebrate Play Food

In the hopes to celebrate our 225th Birthday, we’re taking stock of our wonderful play food range. Which, as luck would have it, includes our Let’s Pretend Ice Holiday Lolly set. These really do look good enough to eat and are a great way for children to explore the world of pretend play. Kids may decide to open their own lolly shop or ice cream van with these fantastic play food props.

| Kate Luke

Jaques 225th - Wheely Great Car Toys

For car eccentric kids, this will blow their minds. In 1885, when the very first car was invented, Jaques of London has been established for a whopping 90 years old already. That makes us nearly 100 years older than any car ever made…

| Amber Gravenell

Bonfire Night 2020 Style by Stephanie Jones

Guest blogger Stephanie Jones shares with us some tasty, and healthy, bonfire night recipes and some tips and tricks for enjoying bonfire night 2020 style. Read this blog to get some ideas for your lockdown style fireworks night.

| Amber Gravenell

Fun in the Jungle and ZSL!

Can you think of a better combination than animals, play and creativity? This blog contains free downloadable activities for kids. Animal themed for hours of fun, creative and educational fun! Plus, fun facts about the legendary ZSL London Zoo!

| Kate Luke

Toys for Self-Expression

Why is it important to engage your child with creative play? Well, experts in Child Development say that through creative and imaginative play, our little ones grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically—that’s a lot of easy wins just by picking the right toys.

| Amber Gravenell

Pick A Pumpkin

If somebody asked you what the most popular Halloween decorations are, you would probably include pumpkins near the top of the list! A carved pumpkin with a candle flickering inside is the quintessential Halloween accessory. Halloween might be a little different this year but we believe you should still dig out your costumes and celebrate indoors with your family. 

| Amber Gravenell

Halloween Potions Activities

It is only 10 days until the most scary night of the year! With traditional trick or treat taking more of a backseat this year, enjoy this spooky season in the comfort of your homes with our at home Halloween activities! Alongside engaging in traditional family board games with a tonne of sweets, you can still showcase your best Halloween costumes and take part in a variety of spooky kid-friendly ideas! 

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