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Making Real Play A Real Priority

Our mission is to support families to create healthier habits without technology through the magical power of real play.

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Inspire a Love of Reading

Reading is an important skill which we all need to use in everyday life. It can be challenging to engage kids in reading so we have compiled some top tips to get your kids engaged in reading.

Summer Holiday Outdoor Games

A selection of 3 classic summer outdoor games that will keep your kids entertained for hours. The perfect summer games for family fun, quality time spent together and time away from the screen.

Summer Holiday Indoor Games

The 6 week summer holiday is here again! We have compiled some ideas for indoor games to keep your kids occupied during the long holiday. The perfect opportunity  for screen-free play and hours of fun.

D.I.Y Obstacle Course

In the final part of our series of blogs around outdoor play and exercise, this blog is all about obstacle courses. Check out the benefits of regular exercise for your kid's development and some of our ideas for creating your own obstacle course at home.

Love Parks Week 2020

12th July 2020 marks the beginning of Love Parks Week 2020. It is the ideal opportunity for family fun away from the screen. Our local parks and green spaces were crucial during lockdown to maintain physical and mental health. There are numerous benefits to outdoor play for both kids and adults. So, take the time to visit your local park this week and appreciate our beautiful green spaces.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Picnic

To end our series of Picnic blogs, we decided to draw on Jaques of London's historic connection to Alice in Wonderland and help you to plan an Alice in Wonderland theme picnic! The whole family can get involved in planning this special picnic and it is a great incentive to draw your kids away from the screen!

Game Ideas for Family Picnic

As part of our Picnic Month theme this week, we have compiled suggestions for some super fun garden games which are easy to make and set up. We have included 4 classic games, including Tin Can Alley, and fully downloadable tips and tricks for setting up your garden games! The perfect opportunity for screen-free family fun.

National Picnic Month 2020

This week marks the beginning of National Picnic Month! Our series of blogs this week are all about creating the perfect picnic and hosting your very own picnic and garden games event. This blog contains ideas for picnic setups at home, a checklist for the perfect picnic and tips and tricks for creating your own picnic essentials.

Children's Art Week 2020 - 29th June to 19th July 2020

Monday 29th June 2020 marks the beginning of Children's Art Week 2020. It is split over 3 weeks, ending on the 19th July 2020. It is the perfect opportunity to have some screen-free fun and quality time together as a family. You will find downloadable painting activities for babies, toddlers and primary school children in this blog.

Lockdown Time Capsule for Families

Why not collect your favourite lockdown memories in a time capsule? When you uncover the time capsule in a decade, you will be amazed at the memories it will unleash. Read this blog to find out how to construct a time capsule with your kids. A fantastic opportunity for screen free family fun.

Lockdown Scrapbook for Kids

In this blog post, you will find out how your children can make a beautiful lockdown scrapbook. This is a wonderful arts and crafts activity for kids providing hours of screen free fun! Your child will be able to express their creativity whilst recording special memories from their time in lockdown.

Lockdown Memories

Remember the fun times you shared with your family during lockdown. These arts and craft activities are a fantastic opportunity for screen free fun for all the family as well as allowing you to record your favourite lockdown moments.