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Paper Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

When it comes to keeping the kids busy, it can be difficult to distract them and encourage them to have time away from the screen in favour of family fun and games instead.

Paper arts and crafts offer a simple, frugal way to create creative games for kids and are the perfect way to enjoy some screen free fun as a family. Here are three paper arts and crafts activities for kids to try at home.

Hot Air Balloons

 These 3d Hot Air Balloons are just one example of perfect creative games for kids. This is a lovely activity which will result in a beautiful colourful picture to display at home or add to a card for someone special.

Click here to download instructions on how to complete this activity. 



 Paper Sunflower Arts and Crafts Activity

Children love picking and playing with flowers, so what better way to have some family fun and games than creating tissue paper sunflowers? These bright and bold flowers are ideal to brighten up any day and provide the perfect opportunity for some screen free fun too.

Click here to download instructions for this lovely arts and crafts activity. 

Paper Cars

 Chances are, you may already have some toy cars at home. But, these fun and easy paper cars are entertaining and an unexpectedly educational game for kids. So why not take these paper cars kids learning toys for a spin and get stuck in?

Click here for instructions to make these clever cars.