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Objects & Story Telling

Reading should always be as fun and enjoyable as possible. If you are finding it tricky to engage your kids in stories, perhaps consider using an object alongside reading. The addition of toys, games and other visual prompts helps capture your kid’s imagination and immerses them in the story.

Here are our top 3 story telling prompts:

Noah’s Ark toy boat – Noah’s Ark is a traditional tale which has been shared for thousands of years. Engage your kids in this classic biblical tale with a Noah’s Ark toy. Discuss why their toy has two of every animal, and use it as a physical prompt to engage your kids in the story when you are reading.

Jaques of London have a lovely, wooden Noah’s Ark available on our website.

Puppets – A classic and timeless way to add excitement to a story! Use the puppets to act out the spoken parts of the story to really engage your kids. Encourage kids to put on different voices for each puppet and think about the actions they could do for each puppet, depending on their character and role in the story.

Story cubes – To really engage your kids in a story and check their understanding, you could use a story cube. All you will need for this is a cube, either a homemade one using card or perhaps one you have purchased. On each face of the cube, stick a post it note with a question relevant to the story. Focus on inference and prediction, asking questions such as ‘How do you think he/she is feeling at this point in the story?’.