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Making Real Play A Real Priority

Our mission is to support families to create healthier habits without technology through the magical power of real play.

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Learn with Board Games

Did you know that traditional board games have many benefits for children, both educationally and personally?

Board games are widely available to be purchased OR you could design and make your own personalised versions of traditional board games!

Board games are an opportunity for screen-free, family fun and have been a firm family favourite for generations. Play a board game today and see how it can double as a learning toy!

Some educational and personal development benefits of board games:

  • Teaches collaborative play.
  • Teaches the ability to listen carefully.
  • Teaches children how to follow instructions.
  • Counting skills.
  • Fine motor skills when moving playing pieces and rolling dice.
  • Recognising the compass points when moving playing pieces, and associating them with up, down, left and right.
  • Teaches kids how to accept wins and losses gracefully.
  • Aids communication skills. 

Snakes & Ladders

A firm family favourite that boasts many benefits for childhood development! Click here to download instructions for making your own Snakes and Ladders board.


Another treasured board game and a traditional staple of the family games cupboard! Click here to download instructions for making your own Ludo game.


A game of tactile play, prediction and luck. Suitable for slightly older primary school kids and teenagers, this is a fantastic two player game that teaches children to think carefully and remain calm and to plan ahead before making their move! Download instructions on how to make your own Draughts board here.


Jaques of London have a wonderful collection of high quality boards, which you can check out here...