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Our mission is to support families to create healthier habits without technology through the magical power of real play.

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Home Made Play - Make your own Ice Paints!

There is a certain Magic that comes with being creative and nothing is more creative than Home Made Play!  
Its a super-easy way to keep the kids entertained 

Painting is one of the most common forms of creative play as it’s suitable for every learning environment.

That’s why we love ICE PAINTS!

Easy to make, easy to use and easy to clean up after!  

There are so many benefits to painting:   

Physicallyyour child will develop small muscle control by holding the brush and moving it around the canvas!  

Creatively, learning how colours mix and how shapes are formed. They can also learn how to be original and inventive by watching their ideas come to life. 

Emotionally, painting can reduce stress and improve self-esteem in little learners, it encourages achievement and pride when they complete their project. 

Creative activities help the brain grow!  

When you think of educational activities most jump straight to Maths and Literacy and you’d be right, they are a huge part of education; 

But did you know?

Creative activities use a different part of the brain and it also needs to be encouraged and exercised!  

 Our favorite way to make them 😊 




We hope you enjoy painting with Ice and it helps keep your children occupied for that little bit longer. 
Have you got another homemade painting method you love? Let us know by sharing your ideas with us #antiscreenrevolution