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Table Skittles

Rules to table skittles and Read about the history on this page. You can also Buy Table Skittles in our shop


Playing the game
The Game is played using 9 small skittles arranged in a 3 x 3 square, usually within a shallow open-topped wooden box. A wooden ball is suspended above the table on a chain and the aim of the game is to knock down skittles by swinging the ball round in an arc (rather than aiming directly at the skittles). In the picturesque name, the 'devil' refers to the ball and the 'tailors' are the skittles.


Rules of Play
The game may be played by any number of players.
Assemble the board as illustration herewith when the chain should allow the ball to clear the edge of the frame.
The block should be placed so that the ball just touches the top right hand skittles.
The ball is to be propelled forward outside the pole from the left hand corner of the board so that it strikes on the return swing.
Each player is to have three turns and each pin knocked down counts one point.  101 points being recognised as a complete game.  Should any fallen skittles remain on the board, they should be removed before the next swing is taken.
Should any player knock down the whole of the nine skittles with his first or second swing, he is entitled to a full board for his second or third swing.
To win a game, the exact number of 101 must be scored e.g. the player having 99 points with one throw to go, must only score 2.


Hand crafted polished mahogany table and barrel polished heavyweight League skittles and ball, with jointed pole and free running ball race swivel complete this superb game, which Jaques have been making at their London factory for over 50 years.  Now more popular than ever, it is standard bar room furniture in more than 5000 pubs throughout the country.

Handmade League games
Jaques' League Skittles sets are handcrafted from solid mahogany with regulation solid lignum vitae balls, solid metal chains and regulation heavyweight skittles. Jaques' League Skittles is the only full size regulation 'devil among the tailors' set made today. Also produced by Jaques is a smaller Home Skittles version of the game for pub or home use.


Home Skittles Games

Our Table Skittles are made from Mahogany with a Lignum Vitae heavyweight ball. The skittles plinth is free to be adjusted before play so that the ball is the perfect distance from the skittles.The pole stores into a box, with the skittles being stored under the scoreboard.

Each game is supplied with instructions and plastic scoring pegs. The Home Skittles traditional game is the smallest in our range, more suitable for the home or areas where space is at a premium.

Buying Table Skittles

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