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Crokinole board games from Jaques feature a 100-year-old original design on a board constructed from polished, solid Mahogany complete with a full set of playing pieces and comprehensive Crokinole game rules.

Crokinole appear to have originated in rural Canada in the 1860s. Crokinole board games are a unique blend of several older English, French, German and East Indian games. Crokinole has been an enduring family favourite for close to 140 years.

The earliest known Crokinole set was made by craftsman Eckhardt Wettlaufer, in 1876, in Canada. Several other homemade boards of South western Ontario origin, dating from the 1870s have been discovered since. It is very similar to the games of Carrom and Shove Ha'penny and borrows heavily from other popular sports like curling and shuffleboard. This is another wonderful game for all the family to play and enjoy - from Jaques of London, ‘the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world’.

Your family and friends will chuckle as they Crokinole. Deriving from the earlier Jaques game, Croquet in the Hole, it’s pure and simple fun for families and at parties. Players take turns shooting discs across the round play surface, aiming to get their discs into the highest-scoring board sections. Screams of triumph and woe will burst out as players try to knock away opponents’ discs. Make the perfect gift: give friends fun!

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