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School Games

We all know school games provide quality fun for kids, and keep them out of trouble. Bored kids can get mischievous, so, simply give them some entertaining games, and watch the change. Jaques has a great selection of games to play at school. They include wooden puzzles to solve, card games, dominoes and colourful board games to play. Suddenly, kids focus, stay involved, form into teams that encourage leadership and camaraderie, and learn new skills, including counting, balancing, planning, and many others. Experts at children’s behaviour and school professionals will confirm these statements, rest assured.

Games for School Children

Jaques is the place to quickly order and receive online school games, by post, always nicely wrapped to make the kids feel special. Any of our wide selection of games and sporting sets can be given as gifts to your own children, favourite nieces and nephews, grandchildren…or, you can make a present of them to a school, institution or public facility where kids go, as support. Our many Games for School Children include ones the kids will instantly recognize, including many Jaques of London originated over the last 200 years. Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and many of our great wooden puzzles like Tumble Tower even come in giant outdoor versions for outdoor use. Keep those kids amused, active, entertained and happy with fantastic games from Jaques.