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Garden Games for Parties & Events

Come to parties and events bearing Jaques gifts, and the action will start getting lively quickly. You’ll also be the instant hero of the happening, which is always a nice thing. Our selection of gifts for any occasion are sure to bring smiles to all, and keep the fun going for hours. Jaques of London – inventor of many games like Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Tiddledy-Winks, Snap and Happy Families – knows what makes Garden games for parties and events fun, whether it’s a gathering of adults, kids or families. Our selection of gifts for group entertainment reflects this, with a wide range of choices from amongst our strictly top-quality products.

We offer numerous outdoor games and sets for your warm weather parties and events. Pick from several lovely Croquet Sets; Boule Sets of 6 or 8 balls; Giant Score Four; Snakes & Ladders; Family Garden Dominoes or Noughts & Crosses to get lawn parties up to full speed. If it’s your own party, give a great gift to the family, or to friends, by giving them the Max Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Built for outdoor play, it will be the centre of attention. For indoor fun, look to fun-filled Snakes & Ladders, with a Luxury version; our numerous other table and board games, including chess, checkers, Shove Ha-penny and dozens of others. Parties and events are all about fun, and Jaques games keep it that way!