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Pool Tables

Pool tables made by Jaques of London are exceptionally high quality. Each Pool table features regulation 70% wool Pool cloth on the finest Italian slate bed and come complete with all the Pool accessories you need to get started.

Jaques stock a range of Pool tables ideal for the home, including the Hatton diner Pool table and coin operated tables perfect for pub Pool tables and use in community centres.

The 7ft Boston competition standard table truly signifies that you take playing Pool seriously and is built from a stylish beech-effect frame, contrasting red regulation 70% wool pool cloth on the finest Italian slate bed, and beautifully turned solid wood legs.

Whether you are a beginner, recreational Pool player or Pool shark, a Pool table from Jaques is the perfect way to bring some luxury to your game.

The game of Pool

The game of Pool is a cue sport played on a Pool table with six pockets. Cue sports are all thought to have evolved into indoor games from outdoor stick-and-ball sports such as ground billiards, which were popular in medieval times.

The first known indoor billiard table was owned by King Louis XI of France in the 15th century. These tables did not have pockets and it wasn't until the the 18th century that pockets and cushions as seen in modern games tables appeared.

Pool is now an international professional sport and the top players can earn many millions of pounds playing around the world.

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