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Chinese Checkers - Full Size Luxury Game

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Jaques Chinese Checkers board is a circular board handcrafted from solid wood and features glossy coloured wooden pegs.

Chinese checkers is a classic board game for 2, 3, 4 or 6 players.

Each player has ten pegs of one colour at one starting point of the star. The objective of the wood game is to occupy the star point directly opposite. The first player to accomplish this is a winner. Of course if in the same round more than one players reach the end point all of them are winners.

Each player moves in turn, (in this implementation clockwise). A move consists of placing a peg into one of the adjacent holes or jumping over any other one peg into a hole beyond. The direction of the move has to be one of the following: left/right, forward left/right, backward left/right in a players direction of play. Only one move is made at a time, except when jumping. Then the player can make any number of jumps in any direction as long as all the moves consist of jumps. Players may jump their own or their opponents' pegs. No pegs are removed from the board during play.

Board: 28cm Diameter x 2cm High
Playing Pegs: 2.5cm Long x 1cm Widest Diameter
Cloth Storage Bag for playing pieces: 10.5cm x 10cm

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